8th-13th September 2014 at Nagoya Univ., Japan

Field tour to Ise Jingu Shrine forest

Where are we going?

  Behind the Ise shrine, there is a wide area (5500 ha) of sacred forests. We will visit two kinds of forests. One is an artificial forest of Japanese cypress (hinoki; Chamaecyparis obtusa), the other is a natural forest. You can have a nice walk in divine forests!

Basic info:
Annual precipitation: 3000mm
Mean temperature: 15 ºC

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For the protection of holiness and nature of Ise shrine, the sanctuary area has carefully been conserved, and the forest is divided into the divine area and the 1st and 2nd sanctuary forest area.  

Artificial hinoki forest (Sen-nin):
Reforestation program spanning 60 years was begun in 1926 whereby young hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) trees were planted over an area of 3500 ha in the hills of Naiku.
  Natural forest (Tsurugi pass):
The first sanctuary forest area consists of mostly of natural forests similar to the divine area.

For more information, please feel free to contact organizers:
  • Yasuhiro Hirano
  • Mizue Ohashi
  • Kyotaro Noguchi
  • email: woodyroot6jsrr.jp (change @ to letter)