8th-13th September 2014 at Nagoya Univ., Japan

Oral presentations
  • Each oral presentation will have 20 min including 15 min presentation and 5 min discussion. We will prepare a PC (Windows 7 Pro 32 bit) that carries Microsoft Office Standard 13 (including Power Point) for oral presentations.
  • You can install your presentation file into the PC on the registration desk from 16:00 on 8th September (Mon). Please complete the file installation by 1 hour before your session starts.
  • As for the session 1 "Nutrient uptake and utilization", please do it by 8:30 on 9th September (30 min before the session).
Poster presentations
  • For each poster presentation, a poster panel with 1.1 m width × 1.6 m height will be available.
    The poster session will be in the evening (16:30-18:00) of 9th September (Tue), but the posters will be displayed throughout the symposium, 8th Sep (Mon) - 11th Sep (Thu).
For more information, please feel free to contact organizers:
  • Yasuhiro Hirano
  • Mizue Ohashi
  • Kyotaro Noguchi
  • email: woodyroot6jsrr.jp (change @ to letter)