8th-13th September 2014 at Nagoya Univ., Japan


(Click here to see detailed program of oral and poster presentations.)
Conference dinner
  • September 10 (Wed) Evening at Hanaya Horizo, Sakae, Nagoya
Field tour
  • September 12 (Fri) Ise-Jingu Shrine Forest (web page)
  • 7:40- Departure from Aichi Arts Center, Sakae, Nagoya (by bus)
  • 11:00- Ise-Jingu Shrine Forest (We plan to walk in the forest for about 1 hour.), 13:30- Lunch in Okage town
  • 14:30- Ise-Jingu Shrine (Naiku) and Okage town
  • 16:30- Departure from Ise to Nagoya
  • 19:30 Arrival at Nagoya
For more information, please feel free to contact organizers:
  • Yasuhiro Hirano
  • Mizue Ohashi
  • Kyotaro Noguchi
  • email: woodyroot6jsrr.jp (change @ to letter)